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Sakaja aks Mary Wambui to decline Uhuru’s appointment

Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja has asked Mary Wambui to decline President Uhuru Kenyatta’s appointment to chair the National Employment Authority.

Through a statement to newsrooms, Sakaja stated that Wambui’s appointment goes against the provisions of Section 10 (2) of the NEA act.

“There was a dream that informed the creation of the National Employment Authority. The appointment of Hon. Mary Wambui goes against the provisions of Section 10(2) of the NEA act.

“I have asked her to politely decline this appointment. Further I have instructed lawyers to file a petition to quash this appointment,” wrote Sakaja.

He explained that NEA’s dream was to work with Academia to ensure training is in line with industry expectations.

“The dream was noble. We surely tried and did our best as legislators, the rest was for the implementors (The Executive) to do theirs. The day His Excellency the President assented to this bill was possibly my most fulfilling as a Member of Parliament.

“I was hopeful that the government would take this institution seriously and see it as an opportunity to streamline access to the job market as well as put their money where their mouth is with respect to youth employment,” added the Senator.

“There are many young Kenyans who have distinguished themselves in the field of Human Resource Management both locally and even to the level of the International Labour Organizaiton (ILO).

“Mary Wambui Munene is known to me, as we served together in the 11th Parliament as well as having been a member of The National Alliance party which I chaired.

“I have confidence that she has the ability to serve Kenyans in a different capacity but not as the vision carrier and Chairperson of the National Employment Authority.

“I therefore urge her to politely decline this particular appointment,” read the statement in part.

Kenyans were angered by the President’s latest appointments as he seems to have overlooked the youth and brought back former politicians and retirees.