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Poem praising Luhya women elicits hilarious reactions

A poem written by Waruguru Wakiai praising Luhya women has gone viral online.

In the poem, the writer salutes Luhya women for giving birth to some prominent names in the country, including Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja, rapper King Kaka and members of Sauti Sol.

With a pinch of humour, Wakiai thanks them for ‘giving birth properly’, also reserving praise for Luhya men, albeit in a subtle way.

Luhya women I greet you

With my slippers breasts crushed to the ground
my head bowed in respect
hands behind my back
with a tongue full of praise
I lay at your feet.

While still at your feet
allow me to bless your thighs,

Thighs that gave us Chiloba
you are blessed!

Thighs that gave us Sifuna
you are blessed!

Thighs that gave us sakaja and his dimples
you are blessed!

Thighs that carried Ababu, his dimples and igrish
you are blessed!

Thighs that have us Mariga
You are blessed!

Thighs that brought us King Kaka
Mo fire! Mo fire!

Thighs that gave us that those Sauti Sol Snacks,
You will see heaven!

Luhya women! Luhya Women! Luhya women!
how many times have I called you?

Thank you for giving birth properly.

And lest I forget,

You man

who on one Sunday evening, after fighting with a mountain of ugali, chicken and tea,

tirelessly shot your shots for less than five minutes under the sheets,

I greet you also, you planted well oh!

Chei god! god!

The poem drew a number of hilarious reactions as some women also mentioned ‘fine male species’ that do not belong to the Luhya community.

Sabby Wawa: How about the participants in production of Joho and Najib Balala? They must have been goddesses of pure genes after cleansing in the salty ocean and eating uncontaminated prawns and oysters. Chei, some people got original gadgets.

Ghate Makari: And not forgetting Jehovah wanyonyi who rested himself in internal piece [sic]

Dennis Tirop: I support this post with 33.84 kettles of steaming hot tea, 46 sufurias of mihogo, a whole karai of chicken legs and an endless fountain of Unga

Elizabeth Mukami: The same thighs gave us Papa Shirandula 
My day is made!

Simon Prince: You've not come across a mixed gene gentleman of Gikuyu & Luhya descent. Perfect match of ministry of finance and energy.