Acid attack survivor Dan Matakayia to get treatment abroad

Dan Matakayia, a police officer who almost lost his life after his wife poured acid on his face in 2013, is set to undergo treatment in the United States.

Recently, the acid attack survivor appealed for financial help from Kenyans and a hashtag #TembeaNaDan was started on Twitter.

This week, Matakayia revealed that Face Forward International, an organisation that provides emotional support to victims of domestic violence, had come to his aid and will take care of all his expenses during the trip to the US where he will undergo surgeries to open up his nostrils.

“God answered my prayers and we are finally leaving for the States as planned,” he was quoted by a local daily.

Also, the money that had been raised through the campaign will be directed to the Dan Shieshie Organisation which helps victims of domestic violence.

The acid attack left Matakayia with severe burns that he ended up losing his eyesight.

He has been in and out of hospital since the incident but the matter is still in court.

“The matter is in court but I do not know when it will come to an end. I was in hospital for a long time and this delayed the case to some extent,” he said.

Although some of his friends deserted him, he maintains that he is optimistic and has learnt to live with his condition.

He is currently based at Industrial Area (as a police officer) and has already learnt braille as well as basic skills he needs to do chores when at home.

He is also undertaking a course in Counselling Psychology to help him heal as well as help others who might have gone through the same.