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PHOTOS: Drama as Kwale woman Rep Zulekha Hassan kicked out of Parliament for walking in with her baby
By Fay Ngina | Updated Aug 07, 2019 at 11:26 EAT
Zuleka Hassan kicked out of parliament (Photos/Cou

The legislator was kicked out of the chambers after she walked in with a baby

Speaker of the National Assembly Hon. Chris Omulele, MP Luanda termed move as unprecedented

Kwale woman Representative Zulekha Hassan was on Wednesday August 7 ordered out of the National Assembly for disrupting a parliamentary session.

The legislator was kicked out of the chambers after she walked in with a baby.

Speaker of the National Assembly Hon. Chris Omulele, MP Luanda termed move as unprecedented.

The Kwale Woman Rep said she had an emergency that’s why she came to parliament with the baby and suggested that a mother’s room be put in place to curb such situations.

“I have tried really hard not to come with the baby, but today I had an emergency; what was I supposed to do? … If there was a room, a thresh or a nursery room, I’d be able to then put my baby,” said Zulekha. 

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