City househelp caught on CCTV beating up three-month-old baby

A househelp in Nairobi’s Mlolongo area was this week caught on camera beating up a three-month-old baby while feeding her.

Irene Nzisa is said to have worked at the house for just over a month and her employer had installed a camera in the living room to monitor what happens while she is away at work.

On Monday the owner left the house to take her older daughter to school and upon checking the feed from her nanny cam, she was shocked to see Nzisa beating up her daughter.

“I was in shock…we could not proceed to the hospital after I saw that video. I just went straight home and on my way I contacted my husband who came with the police,” she was quoted by a local daily.

Nzisa was arrested and spent the night in police custody but was released the following day after her brother pleaded with her employer not to press charges.

“I am however scared she may end up in someone’s house and hurt other children that is why I’m spreading the information,” said the mother of two.

According to her, Nzisa often complained that the kids were troublesome.

Many families that can afford nanny cams have installed them at home to monitor what their househelps do while they are away at work and on several occasions the househelps have been seen engaging in bizarre acts.