What Labour Day means for Kenyans

Labour Day, also known as International Workers Day or May Day is a public holiday that is recognized in various countries worldwide to appreciate the struggle of working individuals.

In Kenya, Labour Day is celebrated on May 1 but the date varies in the different countries.

On this day, most Kenyans do not go to work but instead, attend a public event which is normally brought together by the Worker’s union.

According to the Central Organizations of Trade Unions (COTU-K), this year’s Labour Day theme in Kenya will be ‘Eradicate corruption to Create Jobs’.

What does Labour Day mean to Kenyans?

Most working Kenyans usually have a lot expectation from the government on this day. Most of the Labour Day, which are usually held at Uhuru Park, Nairobi, usually see the President of Kenya or the Chairman of the worker’s union give a speech addressing the workers.

This day signifies issues surrounding the working individual. There are three things that are usually addressed during this day.

1. Salary increment- All working individuals should have a salary increment subject to the high cost of living and the economic situation.

2. Health and safety of workers- Every employer in Kenya should ensure that their employees work in a conducive environment that meet the health standards as outlined in the constitution.

3. Workers constitutional rights- On this day, all workers as supposed to receive the utmost attention and respect. They should also get the necessary recognition for they work they do towards the development of the country.