Ex-governor cuts links with ‘boring’ girlfriend

A former governor in one of the Rift Valley counties has been exposed for making weird demands to his secret lover, whom they have since severed links with.

WhatsApp messages obtained by The Grapevine, reveal how the former county boss begged the curvy girlfriend to give in to certain things, which he told the lady would make their private sessions more thrilling.

The politician who lost his seat in 2017 poll was so serious about the demands that he blocked the lady when she rejected them.

In a series of back and forth messaging by the married man, the politician tells the lady that he has not been enjoying their escapades and suggests how to make them more tantalizing. But the women reject the big man’s demands to his chagrin.

The man who is known for spoiling girls with gifts owing to his deep pockets later decided to cut any “humanitarian support” to the young woman who seem to have been in the affair because of the man’s well loaded pockets.

The lady has since been trying to reach the man through numerous “please call me texts” that have been ignored.