Khalwale trolled for ridiculing Raila

Former Kakamega senator Bonni Khalwale faced the wrath of his followers on Twitter for ridiculing NASA leader Raila Odinga after ODM lost Ugenya by-election.

Khalwale who tweeted a picture of Raila’s face appearing like swollen definitely creating a perception that the NASA leader was physically assaulted wrote;

“Police in Ugunja, are looking for an MP-elect for having caused actual bodily harm to a leader of a political party during a by-election”.

The outpouring comments that followed the tweets will perhaps make one review of his or tweeter followers. It was sporadic. Comical. Worse off, abusive.

mc triggah

Daktari you stooped too low, that what @AtwoliDza will call msheeeeeeenzi!!!!!

Amakanji Thomas?

I am ashamed! Very ashamed to be a Luhya indeed… a whole Doctor doing such mediocrity to appease his boss online Oparanya needs another term**I wish** this kind of leaders are a nuisance

jack muguzu?

This tweet is from Boni Khalwale, a medical doctor, a former long-serving MP and 1st Senator of Kakamega county who is also seeking to succeed Hon Oparanya as Governor. It’s also important to note that he is over 50yrs old, a polygamist & father of many.

Julius Maumo?

@KBonimtetezi, where do i take the respect i have for you sir? What happened to my senator? What happen to the man who saw Kimunya out of the finance ministry for corruption? I weep


Rachid Echesa might be a Primary School dropout but reasons n thinks better than u. What ur posting here is something which either ur son or daughter should post but not a person of ur calibre who wants to be the Governor of Kakamega County 2022. I pity you.

The Tribe

My Friend @KBonimtetezi Hata kama Mimi na wewe Ni team #TangaTanga This not Good Just down this Tweet and Thank me Later

kot hacker?

A petty person often misses out on what is pretty in life. You Sir have of late missed opportunities to even celebrate democracy when it wins, and your crass comment just show that you are the kind of politician that would rather have a divided country than a peaceful democracy.