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Prophet Owuor predicts disaster if Kenyans don't repent
By Bosco Ondieki | Updated Mar 25, 2019 at 10:26 EAT
Prophet Owuor (Photo/ Courtesy)

Dr David Owuor, has warned Kenyans of a coming disaster if they fail to repent

Speaking at central park Nairobi the "prophet" said he has been shown a strong storm that will take over Egypt

At a time when his church, repentance and holiness ministry, has been facing sharp criticism, the self-proclaimed mightiest prophet of the Lord, Dr David Owuor, has risen up to the occasion and warned Kenyans of a coming disaster if they fail to repent.

"I am seeing Gods judgement upon Kenya, I have talked to high profile leaders about the coming judgement for them to prepare," said Owuor.

Speaking at central park Nairobi where he led a gathering to a service, the "prophet" said he has been shown a strong storm that will take over Egypt and the rest of the world if people fail to heed to Gods message.

"Just as I saw in 2005,2006 and 2007 it was written by many and read by everyone, until it happened in 2007. I warned people will be running for their dear lives, I for-seed gun wars but people never listened till it happened" he added.

According to the evangelist, the government has granted him permission to conduct a national prayer rally at Uhuru Park, Nairobi, at a time of his convenience. He urged everyone to attend the meeting and repent saying it was the only way to get off the hook of the coming disaster.

Early March 2019, Owour found himself at the center of a dramatic controversy after a family accused his church of using their sister 's wealth to finance their activities.

The church was accused of taking Jane Njagi's home and converting it to head office. The church, however, denied the allegations saying the property was given by the owner willingly.

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