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First-year student stabbed to death by her boyfriend
By Silah Koskey | Updated Feb 19, 2019 at 09:22 EAT
Student stabbed to death by her boyfriend

A student was yesterday stabbed to death by her boyfriend after alleged differences over their relationship

Faith Chepkirui, who had reported to the institution few weeks ago, was stabbed three times on her head, neck and stomach 

A student at the Kaiboi Technical Training Institute in Nandi County was yesterday stabbed to death by her boyfriend after alleged differences over their relationship.

Faith Chepkirui, who had reported to the institution few weeks ago, was stabbed three times on her head, neck and stomach by her boyfriend-Mathew Kiptoo Yego, a second year student pursuing a course in plumbing.

Chepkirui had sensed that her date with death was near but she decided to face it aware of the dangers that stood on her career path.

This was after she had conversed with her lover on Sunday that she did not want to continue with their growing relationship that had brewed since January this year when she joined the institution.

According to sources, the boyfriend was against their break up and threatened to harm her if she did not consider his request to continue with their affair.

Sensing danger, Chepkirui informed her close friends on the threats issued to her by the boyfriend but she got assurance that all shall be well the following morning.

"In the morning when she woke up, she said she had a feeling that her boyfriend was lurking from the sidelines, she even said she was not interested in Morning breakfast but her friends told her that no harm will come her way," said a student who sought anonymity.

True to her fears the boyfriend is alleged to have pounced on her as she entered the dining hall and stabbed her three times succumbing to the Injuries.

Confirming the incident, Nandi North acting Deputy County commissioner Mr. Sammy Makhanu said the student died from injuries inflicted on her body.

"We received information that a student stabbed his counterpart based on relationship issues. We rushed to the scene and rushed the injured girl to a nearby mission hospital, sadly she succumbed due to the stab wounds on her neck, chest and head," he said

He added : "We have commenced investigations into the incident which we treat it as murder. The suspect is in custody,"

Earlier, the agitated students had dragged the suspect outside the institution gate and tried to lynch him but policewho had been informed of the incident and rushed to quell the tension and taken him to Kabiyet police station.

"My plea is to the students to concentrate on their studies, they will have all the time later on to engage on relationships," said The commissioner.

David Omudanyi, a student at the institution, said the suspect is soft spoken and little is known about him.

"He is a second year student who reported to school in May and he was always been keeping everything to himself. It is shocking that he killed an innocent girl who is hardly a month in the institution,"he said.

The school management in consultation with the security team agreed to close the institution and send the students home.

Charles Koech, the school principal, said the decision was arrived after some students became unruly.

"We tried to address them to calm down but they became rowdy. We thought it wise to send them until further notice," he said.

He termed the incident unfortunate saying it was tied to relationship issue.

"We have informed the parents of the deceased and the suspect is in custody," he added.

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