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Thugs spray speaker’s office with pesticide
By Vincent Kejitan | Updated Nov 30, 2018 at 12:35 EAT
Elizabeth Ayoo

Ayoo faulted guards who were on duty the previous night

MCAs Nicholas Owaka (Kosewe) and Richard Ogindo (Kwabwai) strongly condemned the incident

Homa Bay County Assembly Speaker Elizabeth Ayoo was greeted by a pungent smell when she entered her office on Thursday morning.

Staff who accompanied her struggled to breathe and her newly acquired furniture had also been broken.

Tests on samples collected by detectives from her office by revealed that the chemical was Triatix — an ectoparasiticide used for the control of ticks and lice on cattle, sheep, goats, camels, pigs and dogs.

Ayoo faulted guards who were on duty the previous night, accusing them of sleeping on the job.

“The assembly premises is surrounded by guards and police officers. I do not know why they don’t report destruction cases within the House,” she said.

MCAs Nicholas Owaka (Kosewe) and Richard Ogindo (Kwabwai) strongly condemned the incident, pointing an accusing finger at a section of staff who are against the speaker.

Owaka further urged for cooperation from their colleagues as they would achieve very little if they continued fighting.

“We still have time to change. We have only spent about one year in office after election.

“We just need cooperation amongst ourselves,” said Mr Owaka.

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