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Ten weird things students do after exams
By Silas Nyamweya | Updated Nov 05, 2018 at 10:49 EAT
Students doing exams

While school is important for students and parents strive to ensure that their children are educated, there are those who consider it as prison

A whole eight years in primary school or four years in secondary is enough torture and the end exam period gives them freedom to do whatever they wish

While school is important for students and parents strive to ensure that their children are educated, there are those who consider it as prison. For such students, a whole eight years in primary school or four years in secondary is enough torture and the end exam period gives them freedom to do whatever they wish. A class eight leaver is already considering for “parental duties” as he or she is now “man enough” or woman enough having tackled all those years in school. Below are ten weird thing students do after exams.

1. Offside Questions

Once exams are over, there are those who ask questions which only help others to know how they blundered in those exams. You will hear one saying how the history questions were easy and he managed to answer all questions in section five when they were required to answer only one question from that section. There are those who will not understand what you mean when you ask them what answer they got in question 13 of the math paper which required them to use a protractor. You will be asked “what the hell is that”

2. Kutengeneza boma

Some students do not know whether there is any other thing to do after exams other than “marriage”. Cases of school girls disappearing with books after completing exams only to be found in a sponsor’s den are rife. Some parents have had a hard time looking for where their girls went when exams were completed only to learn later that they went to kutengeneza boma. “Men” are also not left behind as they lure their school lovers to cohabit only to dumb them later when reality of family responsibility strikes.


3. Idling Around the house

While there are those who get engaged with all sorts of jobs, there are some who simply idle around with nothing to do. These are guys who claim to be waiting for result slips to go for university when in real sense they used to score Ds in mock examinations and CATS. Their work will be watching dj afro-movies all day long and tuning house helps. However, they start being active when the results come indicating that they got a clean D-Girls on their part are fond of kujipodoa  and uploading pictures on social media.


4. Partying all long

Some students think that end of KCPE or KCSE is a great achievement for them. What they don’t know is that this is the beginning of things and they are still required to go far. This “achievement” will see many of them going to parties, clubs, sexing and doing all manner of behavior in the name of celebrating. These students come to regret later after getting themselves into problem.

5. Going Underground

There are some guys who disappear from their homes once they are done with exams. The idea is to wait for their results in a fence to avoid backlash if these results don’t come out positively. You will hear that so and so went to a visit certain relative or do some jobs but never comes back until results are out. If they perform well, you will see them at their respective homes within minutes. However, if they failed, you will still look to where they disappeared to.


6. Engaging in Uncouthly Behavior

As a matter of exercising their freedom after exams, students will engage themselves in uncouth behavior since they are now out of the grips from those difficult discipline masters. This is the time when some of the students will onja marijuana to see how it feels, drink beer, and spends time on betting and all those illegal activities which they were restricted from while in school. Others engage in criminal activities.

7. Selling books/property to second hand dealers

Since they no longer need books they have been using including those they stole at the school library, students mostly resort to selling them to second hand book vendors at a throw away price. They will then use the money to sort themselves including treating their girlfriends.

8. Wearing school t-shirt at home

Once exams are over, the community will have to come to terms with former student’s dorning torn out t-shirts with names such as Umoja Secondary, Matopeni Academy, Rongai High, etc. These students are in dire need of showing the community that they just “graduated” recently and they need to be respected.

9. Those hooking up with odd jobs

There are students who after working up on their exams go straight to “employment”. However, what is interesting is the kind of jobs they engage in. You will find them in such jobs as selling mayai boilo, njugu karanga, vending water, hawking, working in a kware, mjengo, selling scrap and all those sorts of jobs. These guys will do anything to put money on their pocket. They seem to know better that kazi ni kazi bora uhai.

10. Hooking up with sugar mamas

While many girls consider end of exams as an opportunity to look for a sponsor, many boys have also been found hooking up with sugar mummies when exams are over. The excuse is that there is nothing that obstructs them from doing that since exams and education is no more. After all, they are all grown up. 

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