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Corruption worse than cancer
By Libin Kesi | Updated Sep 18, 2018 at 12:18 EAT
Corruption worse than cancer

There is a cancer that has grown so fast in our society that threatens the very existence to survive as Kenyans

It has spread its wings wide and grows inwards as an acceptable behavior

There is a cancer that has grown so fast in our society that threatens the very existence to survive as Kenyans.

That cancer is CORRUPTION

It has spread its wings wide and grows inwards as an acceptable behavior. There is corruption at all levels of government. Public institutions are now conduits used in siphoning funds meant for various developments activities.

Time is not going to heal corruption, unless we do something ourselves it is going to continue growing like a cancer, suffocating the whole society and endangering the futures of our children.

We are all accomplices if we do not react.

We should all start to think differently so tomorrow we will not blame others for the mess but take responsibility as a society.

The word corruption has been normalized here (to the extent) that the people think it is normal when they hear it, Corruption this, corruption that, and also social media has influenced it for people to talk (about it) without it leaving any real impression on perpetrators.

Corruption has led to the breakdown of basic Country’s infrastructure. Corruption has made the country insecure; police do not protect us while the courts free the criminals, letting them to continue threatening the well being of good citizens. Public hospitals are also are in a mess.

This cancer has now threatened the very essence of good governance structures and how decisions are made at the highest levels. Basic systems and processes are no longer matter as they are being abused for personal gain.

The laws, the administrative framework for good governance in managing and using resources for the benefit of all Kenyans are not being adhered to.

The conduct of business of the Parliament, where, our elected members represent us, has been weakened to a state where it no longer has adequate oversight on the executive government.

Government funds are adequate to provide essential services to all the people but have been wasted, misapplied and simply stolen resulting in poor levels of services. Basic Government services are lacking not because of the lack of money but misappropriation of funds.

Millions of money are paid up front for the value of a project before completion. Rogue contractors have pocketed the money and walked away without completing projects or for paltry work that in most instances have not met the full terms of the contract.

Schools and health facilities in rural areas have deteriorated because the existing government systems are so poor for other supporting services to flow.

Corruption is the main reason why Kenya is almost at the bottom of the development ladder using some of the key indicators of the Human Development Indicators put out by UNDP.

Kenyans also pay for the cost of corruption. When a company pays a corrupt government official to provide an essential service, that company then the cost is inflated. S

o we may actually be paying more in fuel or the packet of sugar because the company is trying to recoup its expenses of paying corrupt officials.

Additional costs are incurred when transporting goods because of poor roads, payments for additional security as in the case of transporting basic food products. All these make commodities very expensive.

It is now time we as Kenyans give serious attention to this cancer called corruption. We must all work decisively to address this disease as a matter of urgency.

For the campaign to succeed it requires strong political leadership to recognize and take responsibility. We must put pressure on all our leaders to address corruption as a serious issue. At the same time, you and I must play our part in addressing corruption by not participating in any forms of corruption.

In our personal lives, at the workplace or outside of it, we need to make a conscious decision not to take part in promote corruptive behavior. Desist from bribing someone to offer a service to you.

Do not also ask for a bribe to offer a service you are paid or employed to do. Stop other people from doing so.

Let us all come together in fighting this disease that threatens our well being as Kenyans.

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