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DP Ruto launches Sh200 million fence
By Vincent Kejitan | Updated Sep 11, 2018 at 11:06 EAT
DP Ruto in Laikipia

The 53-kilometer fence is set to reduce human-wildlife conflict 

A number of netizens lauded the DP for this move, urging the Kenya Wildlife Service to adopt a similar plan

Deputy President William Ruto on Monday launched a Sh200 million fence in Laikipia County.

The 53-kilometer fence is set to reduce human-wildlife conflict at Rumuruti and Marmanet after residents complained of numerous animal attacks.

Ruto noted that the fence would aid in maintaining a healthy ecosystem and is a lasting solution to all stakeholders involved.

“Reducing interaction between humans and wildlife will allow productive land use; keep animals in their natural habitat and maintain a healthy ecosystem.

“A lasting solution to the human-wildlife conflict will insulate protected animals and plant species while ensuring the safety of human population and minimising damage to crops,” he said.

A number of netizens lauded the DP for this move, urging the Kenya Wildlife Service to adopt a similar plan in areas experiencing human-wildlife conflict.

“Very good idea Kenya Wildlife Service should plant fruit trees of every kind so that animals can remain within the game park.

“Monkeys and baboon together with elephants have been destroying food in neighbouring farms,” said Josiah Keith.

Sorno Benson added: Splendid work from our hustler His Excellency the Deputy President William Ruto.

Some, however, were not very impressed, pointing out that Ruto ought to tackle more urgent issues like the fuel prices.

“Bei ya mafuta mnangusha lini? Stop giving us stories of ogres and take action! Out here Kenyans are really having a hard time…personally you're on the verge of losing my support for your presidential bid because I sure as hell didn't elect jubilee to make my life difficult just to please and feed those who are stealing from this nation's coffers left right and centre. We are tired!” lamented Ithe Wa Liam

During his visit, the DP also launched the Laikipia West constituency Education Plan (2018-2022) that is aimed at improving student performance and result in a ‘skilled, competent pool of employable youth.’

Ruto added that the plan resonates with the national government's goal of offering quality education for all, sustaining competitiveness and advocating technical training.

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