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#WaitituChallenge lights up social media
By Vincent Kejitan | Updated Aug 14, 2018 at 09:21 EAT
Ferdinand Waititu

The hilarious challenge attracted a myriad of tweets

Recently, buildings on riparian land and road reserves were demolished 

Just a few hours after a video of Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu saying rivers should be moved did rounds on social media, Kenyans coined the #WaitituChallenge.

The hilarious challenge attracted a myriad of tweets as netizens made the most out of the governor’s words.

Recently, buildings on riparian land and road reserves were demolished but Waititu stated that instead of destroying buildings, rivers should be moved.

Kenyans then came up with various scenarios where the governor’s logic can be applied.

Here are some of the reactions:

Instead of bringing Chinese to Kenya to buld railway let's move our land to China #WaitituChallenge @BillyMiya @mbarukmwalimu #BillyNaMbaruk— Epale Evans (@OsabitiE) August 14, 2018

#WaitituChallenge The zebra crossing should be moved to the national park since they have never been used by zebras on our roads.— Patrick Kuria (@kuchez) August 13, 2018

#Waitituchallenge Instead of going to work in Nairobi, the job should be brought to our homes in the estate. Jams will be a past thing.— nathan gichuru (@gichnate) August 13, 2018

So Ferdinand Waititu Baba Yao can help me transfer the money in my mind to my Bank account ? ????????????#waitituchallenge pic.twitter.com/QkuFxxdx2J— I TAKE GUINNESS???? ???? (@MkulimaMdogo) August 13, 2018

Jesus: with faith, you can move mountains
Ferdinand Waititu : With more faith, you can move rivers & mountains.#WaitituChallenge— Kariuki Martin?? (@marto_apk) August 13, 2018

Instead of going to Havard for prestigious degrees, let's swim to Punjab and leave our brains there for medical classes.
#WaitituChallenge— Anyango Mak Anyango (@polasomsafi) August 13, 2018

#WaitituChallenge please move the sun to reduce the effects of global warming— Brian Kokonya (@BKokonya) August 13, 2018

If you don't get lunar eclipse, move the sun behind the earth. #waitituchallenge— Karani Mutonga (@Karanimutonga) August 13, 2018

Here we go #waitituchallenge dont move to the shade switch off the sun!!! ????????????— Mo Sa???????????? (@MoSaKenya) August 13, 2018

#BillyNaMbaruk @BillyMiya @mbarukmwalimu don't move me, remove Kiambu from here #WaitituChallenge pic.twitter.com/2vmWY4RECO— Bravin Konzolo (@bravin_kon) August 14, 2018

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