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10 Key tips to excelling in Mathematics every candidate should know before KCSE
By Brian Oloo | Updated Jul 17, 2018 at 13:22 EAT
Students undertaking their KCSE examination

Mathematics is one of the key subjects examined at KCSE level and also a key requirement for almost all the careers choices at institutions of higher learning

Many students however perceive it as hard or even boring

Mathematics is one of the key subjects examined at KCSE level and also a key requirement for almost all the careers choices at institutions of higher learning. Many students however perceive it as hard or even boring. Here are are some key tips that would revive your lost glory in mathematics and improve your grades and knowledge in mathematics. 

1.Eliminate bad attitude towards Mathematics {love Mathematics and it will love you too}

Get this idea of “mathematics is difficult” off your brain because that’s where failure starts, it all starts with your attitude towards mathematics. You have the ability, now take on challenges with all your will and energy and you will excel.

2. Accept your grade, make your first step and move on.

People learn from mistakes, look at your grade and decide what you can do with them, identify your strengths, weaknesses and act upon your weaknesses to full potential. always remember that a journey of a thousand miles begins with just a step. Compete in your own capacity. {avoid competing individuals instead compete the standards you have set}

 3. Make personalized timetable to avoid time wastage.

A personalized timetable helps you to manage your time and also balance the subjects well. allocate the compulsories more time than other subjects most preferably 2:3 to sciences advantage, make it user friendly to allow you to have free time to jog or relax your praying, however mathematics should be allocated time on a daily basis. make sure you follow your timetable strictly.

4. Attempt at least three unique mathematical challenges daily.

Make sure that you have known at least 5 new calculations you din't know earlier on, always be prepared to go an extra mile from where your teacher has covered. Assemble questions and ask in class, questions asked in class can easily be remembered during exams and hence this will work to your advantage.

5.Revise KCSE mathematics past questions at least 5 of them daily.

Never say it’s over not until it’s over, KCSE is all inclusive of all forms, get all your revision materials in your file and choose five questions randomly for attempt each day, this tactic will remind you of what you had forgotten. this will also boost your mathematics morale. 

6.Form mathematics groups to discuss challenging mathematical problems.

Be a member of a mathematics group and pick challenges that can give a comparison with others. assist other the way you would want to be assist in a win-win situation. Active members tend to gain more from these groupings. bring forth tough questions to be discussed.

7. Consult your teacher instantly upon meeting a challenging question for appropriate guidance.

Seek immediate solutions to your mathematics problems, avoid procrastination or postponing problems, consult where necessary with your respective teachers and get help before it’s too late. Never postpone what you can do now to avoid the rush hour phobia.

8. Go through all questions in the Mathematics paper and mark the easy ones and start with them.

No law exists which says mathematics paper should be done from the first question, the best guideline should be through the questions and identify those questions to attempt. thoughtless attempts result from panic and unpreparedness. starting with easy questions will give you the morale and always save time. marks provided in each questions should guide you on the maximum time to take on that particular question.

9. Read all instructions carefully on the question paper before putting ink on the paper.

Read instructions stipulated on page one, understand them before embarking on the questions provided, in mathematics, you are expected to attempt all questions in section one and only five questions in section two. above all always remember to pray before commencing your work. Put God first in all you undertake!

10. Specialize on topics.

Pick those easy or interesting topics on your side and do 100% specialization, those who specialize in topics of interest find it easy in exams as starting with “strongholds” boosts their morale. however, this should not bur you from reading other topics because you never know.


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