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11 effortless ways to lose weight that do not involve going to the gym
By Brian Onyiego | Updated Jul 16, 2018 at 12:28 EAT
A lady measuring the size of her waist
  • Losing weight especially for women can be quite hard
  • Staying healthy and shading off that extra weight requires more than just going to the gym

There is an amplitude of information when it comes to weight loss and cardiovascular exercises, many give up barely a week after intensive workout in the gym that yield less results. Weight loss is not only about workouts and exercises but also about what you eat. Here are some tips that will help you lose weight effortlessly.

Add healthy foods

Pack more fruits for your lunch or cereals for tea break instead of bread and sausages, add vegetables in your soups, and take your food with fruit juice or water rather than soda. However, if you cannot go without any of these foods you can eat in moderate amounts.

Work out alternatives

Instead of going to the gym, why not consider involving yourself in activities that you enjoy like bike riding, hiking, aerobics that are more fun and less stressful to keep up with.

Take a walk

A 40 minutes’ walk a day can lead you to your ultimate weight loss goal. Opt for the stairs when you go to the mall and not the lift.

Gradually cut down on foods you love

Progressively reduce on foods that are high in fats and in starch they make you fat. Add foods that are high on fiber like brown rice, brown pasta, carrots, broccoli, spinach, potatoes, and beans.

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Take enough water

Drinking adequate water enables your body to take in more work outs and lowers water dehydration levels.

Share the pie

Participate in group workouts or exercise with a partner. Also you can share your meal when you have too much on your plate.

Amount counts

A portion of food put in a small plate will leave you more satisfied than the same portion of food put on a bigger plate. Simply because the latter will leave you craving more. So always use smaller plates, cups and spoons when serving yourself foods.

Take a dance class

Dancing is proved to be among the best cardiovascular workouts especially for the lower body. You take attend a dancing class or put in a high-energy exercise DVD and get driven by the pros onscreen.

Cut on booze

Fermented beverages are high in calories and low in nutrition, substitute with water or diet soda when having meals.

Stay Active

Working out might become monotonous and boring, when these happens try out something else that does not involve working out in order to come back revitalized and with more energy.

Be patient

Losing and maintaining weight takes time, doing one method at time and choose what works best for you and suite your needs.

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