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Building your career? Here are the most in-demand courses in Kenya today
By Brian Guserwa | Updated Jul 15, 2018 at 12:05 EAT
University students graduating
  • There are a lot of Kenyan youths struggling to make ends meet due to unemployment
  • According to a survey done, technical courses like ICT, Accounting, Sales and Marketing are the most in-demand courses in Kenya 

Unemployment in Kenya has reached a staggering 40 per cent. There is, however, some good news students who are studying technical courses like ICT, Accounting, Sales and Marketing as well as Administration.

According to a Job Outlook Survey released by Corporate Staffing Services, these are the most in-demand courses in Kenya at the moment, with most employers looking to expand their market reach and make their staff more efficient.

The survey, which was carried out across more than 12 different sectors who are members of the Institute of Human Resource Management (IHRM Kenya, reveals that most employers are not looking to hire new staff.

Majority of organizations will not be introducing new positions, according to the report, with only about 25 percent looking to hire new staff. Even then, these employers are interested in experience, so they are unlikely to hire fresh graduates.

Citing the political climate and upcoming general elections as a challenge, most companies expressed unwillingness to expand to new markets. Another issue which has been brought up repeatedly is the quality of graduates.

"The challenge for most employers, apart from the large number of applications they have to go through, is the quality of the applicants," says Mr. Perminus Wainaina, CEO and Head of Recruitment at Corporate Staffing Services.

The feedback from employers is that most graduates are not ready or equipped for the job market. The companies still have to take them through training, which costs a lot of time and money.

Mr. Wainaina believes the problem is down to most universities offering courses that are not market-driven. The graduates end up lacking skills that the companies need.

This may be why these technical courses are in demand. Accounting and Administration are core professions all organizations need, while it is important for the organization to expand their reach, hence Sales and Marketing.

"It does not mean that students who took these courses are guaranteed employment once they graduate, but it should help students understand what the job market is looking for.

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