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These are the World Cup teams forbidden from having sex
By Robert Abong'o | Updated Jun 22, 2018 at 11:31 EAT
No sex during the World Cup [COURTESY]

In 2014, many teams banned players from having sex so as to allow them to concentrate on the tournament 

Which teams have banned sex in their camps during this year's tournament? 

During the 2014 tournament in Brazil, several teams banned players from participating in ‘extra-tedious’ activities, which mainly included getting intimate with their girlfriends and wives.

The team included Chile, Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Mexico.

This year, one team that has banned sex in their camp is Panama, who are also making their maiden appearance in the World Cup.

According to English news outlet The Sun, the ban was placed on Panama by coach Hernan Dario to allow players concentrate on pitch and help them score many goals.

“We have restrictions placed on us, as do all national teams - and a ban on having sex is one of ours. But going beyond the limits imposed by the coach, the players realise that they have to make sacrifices in order to win matches. And giving up sex is one of those,” said one of the Panama players.

Another team that has completely banned its players from having sex during the tournament is Germany. Coach Joachim Low doesn’t want wives and girlfriends ruining his preparations in Russia, with players forced to ask for special permission to see their other halves and even their children during the build-up to the competition but they will be banned from contact during the tournament.

Africa representatives Nigeria have also have a sex ban. Coach Gernot Rorh forbid his players from engaging in sexual activities with women in Russian women. “Yes, the players can have their wives and family come to visit them at the World Cup. However, I won’t allow them to have Russian girls, no, no, no. Only captain Mikel who has a Russian partner can come with her,” said Rohr.

Since they are the hosts, Russia will most obviously do the same this year to boost their chances of going far in the tournament.

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