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OPINION: Five blunders that President Uhuru shouldn't let ruin his legacy
By Charles Bazenga | Updated Jun 05, 2018 at 09:52 EAT
President Uhuru Kenyatta

President Kenyatta is good hearted man. His amazement and lamentation over various misconduct by public office holders is sufficient proof.

His anger and tough talk on the aforementioned topic depicts his goodwill to clean up Kenya

President Kenyatta is good hearted man. His amazement and lamentation over various misconduct by public office holders is sufficient proof. His anger and tough talk on the aforementioned topic depicts his goodwill to clean up Kenya. They say that actions speak louder than words... the President should exhaust all avenues provided for him by the constitution to drain the swamp.

In as much as the arms dealing with various issues are independent, the President should leverage on their interdependence to see to it that all those who abuse office are conclusively dealt with. Below are some points that if not tightened, Uhuru Kenyatta's legacy will not be impressive; 


The alleged misappropriation of funds meant to sustain vocational training for the youth leaves a bad taste in the mouths of Kenyans. It erodes hope among the young generation. The fact that this is the second time the country is witnessing such heist at the National Youth Center is a clear indication that no lessons were learnt in the first saga where about 800 million shillings was allegedly plundered. What we have witnessed hitherto (arrests and prosecution) is what seems to be a well scripted attempt to deal with the mentioned suspects. Benefit of doubt can be given to the new Director of Public Prosecution, Mr. Noordin Hajji since he has assured Kenyans that he will deal with not only the small and big fish but the he will also go for the whales! The big questions are; Will the real responsible persons be brought to justice?...Who are these high profile persons who pilfer the public coffers? Is the President able to tame these persons once and for all? The answer to the last query is yes! If the president desires to leave a corrupt free government, he has every tool and power that he requires including and not limited to the rule of law and punitive actions against guilty individuals. 


It's alleged that maize was supplied to the National granary irregularly. Maize traders masquerading as farmers traded with NCPB and raked colossal amounts of money. Bona-fide farmers are wallowing in difficulties due unpaid supplies and lack of ready market for their produce. The persons who traded with NCPB under the guise of farmers need to be brought to book for the fraud. This will serve as a warning to any other syndicate. 


A performance appraisal/contracting model needs to be devised by the Presidential delivery unit. Public participation should be encouraged in this model so that there is informed performance audit of all the Cabinet Secretaries, Principal Secretaries and Administrative Secretaries. In fact all senior government officials need to undergo the model. A competent cabinet will be of great importance in the attainment of Big 4 agenda as envisioned by the Jubilee Party's 2017 manifesto.A complacent cabinet is a disservice not only to the appointing authority but also to the Kenyans. 


As far as President's succession is concerned, the stakes are all time high. His deputy and friend, Mr. William Ruto, is interested in the position. Politically speaking, Mr. Kenyatta owes Mr. Ruto owing to the fact that the latter has supported the former aggressively since 2012. Mr. Kenyatta should ensure that 2022 presidential competition is fair and that no one cutthroats his deputy owing to the far they have come together Anyone else who wants to ascend to the top seat should square it out with his DP without being aided. His DP should also put up a formidable campaign. It will not be "gentleman" if the head of state shortchanges his deputy. 


Surprisingly the president picked a retiree, Ambassador Francis Muthaura was recently appointed by the president to chair the Kenya Revenue Authority's board. This was an insult to many young Kenyans who are well exposed/passionate/agile but jobless!Such appointments negates his commitment to create more opportunities for the youth. 


Everything including citizens and time is on the President's side. The only probable challenge is that his own appointees/proxies could be letting him down on the above mentioned points. He has to find a way of dealing with them in the best interest of the country. Charles Muchangi Bazenga

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