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Seven ignorant habits that are slowly killing your relationship
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated May 25, 2018 at 12:13 EAT
Breakup is avoidable
  • As much a relationship is based on love for each other, much is required to make things work and needs to get nurtured from both sides.
  • There are time when couples fight without knowing what exactly their partners want or dislike.

A relationship is a two way affair that requires efforts from both sides in order to thrive. As much as it is based on love for each other, much is required to make things work.

A relationship needs to get nurtured from both sides.

It is therefore important for one to know what their spouses feel about things and what to do about them. When this is not done, couples may end up fighting or breaking up without knowing what exactly their spouses despised.

The following are avoidable habits that break up relationships;

Lying and cheating

This vice is common among both men and women. People lie about small things which they think their spouses will never learn about. This gets messy if in future the cheated partner realizes. Big arguments will often follow such a discovery, with trust being broken.


Everyone has their set budget. As much as some may not be written, one knows how much they wish to spend over a certain length of time. Research shows that more often men fall into this problem than women. This is because women have a history of depending on men. It is okay for a man to treat his girl to good things but when the girl exceeds the man’s set budget, differences occur.

Being overly critical

One thing that couples should do to build each other is to point out each other’s weakness and error. However, when this is done harshly, it makes the corrected person feel bad about themselves and instead of rectifying, they may end up being defensive or just quitting. Criticism should always be aimed at building and not condemning.


Whenever one is angry, they say and do things that they regret later. In a relationship, one may hurt their partner by saying bad things to them. It is advisable for one to wait until the temper has cooled down before engaging a conversation.

Conjugal rights

This one is common with women since they sometimes tire from attending to their partner’s conjugal rights at times. Cases have been heard where this leads to infidelity or arguments in the relationship and finally a break up.

High expectations

People are brought up in different settings with different beliefs. When these two people join in a relationship, they have expectations from each other. Having impractical expectations leads to frustrations and eventual break up. The best thing is to accept ones spouse as they are and not try to change them.

Being too busy

The need to balance between work, friends and family often leaves the relationship unattended. Many people give tight schedules as the reason they no longer spend time with their loved ones. If this happens over a long periods of time, the two become strangers and the relationship simply dissolves.

While the above habits do not make up the entire reasons as to why relationships disintegrate, working and improving in them gives the relationship a higher chance of survival.

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