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Why Moses Kuria's star keeps shining brighter
By Henry Oywa Osewe | Updated May 02, 2018 at 08:23 EAT
Moses, an ardent Gor Mahia fan
  • This is an opinion article regarding the good job Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has done for its constituency

Moses Kuria, the Gatundu South Member of Parliament is a man admired and held in high esteem by his electorate. A quick peek into his constituency and you will understand why he cannot be easily voted out of his seat any time soon. The vocal parliamentarian’s development record speaks for itself at the grassroots.

Under Kuria’s stewardship, Gatundu South constituency has seen a steady rise in the number of schools. Electricity connection to more homes has also been experienced. The tough-talking member of the August House has also created more job opportunities for the youth through the NYS programme which employs over 4,000 community youth. This has also helped to reduce crime in the area since most of the youth are engaged. To cap it all, six new AP and police posts have been established, this is in addition to the new divisional headquarters at Kiamwangi.

During his first term in office, Moses Kuria saw the hustle and difficulties his constituents had when they wanted to make land transactions, to address this, he built an office that serves both Gatundu North and South. This means there’s no more traveling to Thika for land transactions. And to increase accessibility and open the constituency more to other areas, the MP has constructed numerous roads with the major one being the Kenyatta-Gatundu-Kanyoo road. A National Cereals Board office has also been opened in the constituency to the delight of the farmers.

It’s due to this development track Moses Kuria’s ratings are very high with the locals. They feel their collective needs have been addressed and if not, are being addressed. He is not only active and vocal at the national level but to the ordinary constituent too. Many feel that if given a higher podium, he will do the same, only time will tell. His oratory skills too would work to his advantage as he is able to sway the masses. It’s very common to see him attending Gor Mahia matches and easily interacts with his fellow fans. The fundraisers that he has graced all over the country are phenomenal.

Should he continue doing it right, his star will sure overcome even the toughest of political storms, and who knows, within no time, every Kenyan could be yearning for a piece of Moses Kuria.

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