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Things that happen to your body secretly when you watch 'blue movies' with your lover
By Onyiego Brian | Updated Apr 28, 2018 at 13:14 EAT
Couple watching TV [COURTESY]

Watching Pornography has totally affected a lot of marriages and relationships in today's society.

Today, porn is more popular among teenagers and the youth than it was ten years ago. 

In the 21st century, the internet is readily available at our doorsteps making it easier for pornography to find its way without constraints.

Today, blue movies are more popular among youth than they were 10 years ago. This has tremendously affected marriages and led to uncontrolled addictions.

There are things that happen to you when you watch too many blue movies that you might realise only when you stop:

You blame your spouse

Watching blue movies raises demands during s*x. If these demands are not met you subject your partner to criticism, breaking your emotional connection.

Decreases affection

Too much blue movie watching decreases attraction to your partner - you start seeing them as boring and monotonous. You feel unsatisfied. 

Makes you a bad lover

The scenes and acts in blue movies are based on feigned feelings – on screen is like acting. The actors use stimulators to help them ‘last longer’. It is not the case when these individuals don’t use these stimulants.

Premature ejaculation

A recent study revealed youth who were exposed to blue movies in their earlier years suffer from erectile dysfunctions. Premature ejaculation is one of the side effects of pornography addiction.

Hampers libido

Your libido reduces constantly as your energy is driven by your own self-satisfaction. Blue movies continuously reduce your sex drive and your libido declines evenly as you watch more watch porn.

You crave for extreme acts

Hardcore acts in blue movies will make you desire them not knowing that they are not real life.

You become selfish

The performers in blue movies characterize men as self-centered beings, you can unconsciously adopt this attitude when making love to your spouse.

Love-making becomes a play

You will always try to reach the standards set by blue movies and make them performances rather than connections at an intimate level.

Reduced response

People who watch blue movies require more stimulation in order to get in the mood compared to those who do not.

Turns into masturbation

Watching too many blue movies creates a feeling that your partner is worthless – You start to think it’s better to quench your own ‘thirst’.

Degrades women

Blue movies portray women as slaves and objects that satisfy men’s sexual fantasies.

It will spoil your relationship

After criticizing your partner, raising your standards and being selfish, be sure your relationship will hit rock bottom. 

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