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Nairobi bus conductor speaks after returning Sh30k to passenger
By Ureport | Updated Apr 24, 2018 at 10:34 EAT
Daniel Mwaura - the tout [COURTESY]

A Nairobi matatu tout shocked many when he returned a wallet filled with money to a passenger

The tout has since been branded 'The Hero Conductor' 

A Nairobi bus conductor has become the talk of town after his act of honesty.

Daniel Mwaura stunned many after he returned a wallet filled with money belonging to a passenger who accidentally left in one of the bus seats.

Speaking to Nairobi News, Mr Mwaura, a father of one, recounted what happened on Friday morning, April 20.

“My first reaction was that the owner must have been devastated and so I informed my employer and deposited the wallet with only Sh300 at the office, telling them to notify me if anyone comes to claim it,” said Mwaura.

The owner of the wallet was contacted a day after Mwaura dropped it at his employer’s office. When they met, Mwaura could see that it was the same person on the ID in the wallet.

 “I told Stanley (the owner of the wallet) to cross over to our fire station stage (on Tom Mboya Street) where I had just arrived. When we met I could see he was the same person whose photo was on the ID.

Mwaura then asked Stanley if he knew what else was in the wallet, just to confirm he was telling the truth.

“I asked him what else was in his wallet and when he gave me the exact amount as Sh30, 000, I surrendered the money that I had been carrying around just in case the owner claims it,” Mwaura narrated.

Upon receiving his wallet, Stanley told Mwaura what the money for intended for, catering for his sick child’s medical bills.

When asked what he wanted in return, Mwaura refused to take any kind of reward – urging Stanley to take care of his sick child first and meet later.

Mwaura’s honesty has touched many Kenyans on social media, most branding him the ‘hero conductor’.


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