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Politician acquires armoured chopper worth sh900 million
By Grapevine | Updated Apr 16, 2018 at 07:48 EAT
Politician acquires armoured chopper
  • A top politician has sent three pilots to Germany to navigate his chopper
  • The chopper is set to be delivered next month

A top Kenyan politician has sent three pilots to Germany to train on how to navigate his newly acquired chopper.

The chopper which is set to be delivered next month has been mounted with an anti-aircraft missile in shocking custom made issue that has shocked many.

The politician who has huge political ambitions is said to be lobbying the Kenya Civil Aviation to give him his own call sign.

The politician is said to have ordered that the chopper be custom made and he intends to buy more of the same.

It’s not clear how much he has spent on the new machine but officials say up to Sh900m may have been spent on the baby. We are waiting to see it arrive.

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