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ChangiaBoresha - Online platform helps Kenyans raise funds
By Beth Mugo | Updated Mar 17, 2018 at 15:45 EAT
Platform offers the needy chance to air plight

ChangiaBoresha offers those with various needs a chance to air their plight and seek assistance

This platform brings together Kenyans and even those in the diaspora to help one another in time of need.

A man is not an island. Most people come to find out this truth after they are faced with situations that they can’t handle on their own. It is for this same reason that the guardians of Scovian Ogolla decided to seek the help of well-wishers to raise funds to take their daughter to school.

Scovian, a bright young girl who finished her primary school at Disi Primary School in Kochogo, Ahero and scored 381 marks was at a loss on how to acquire Ksh 54,000 in order to join her dream school, Kisumu Girls.

Her dream of pursuing secondary education almost dwindled because her parents could not raise the money she needed.

Her dreams however got a life after her plight was brought to the public’s attention through a Kenyan online fundraising platform, ‘ ChangiaBoresha’.

Created for the sole purpose of helping people in need like Scovian, ChangiaBoresha offers those with various needs such as charity, Community, Education, sports, faith and medical emergencies with a chance to air their plight and seek assistance from well-wishers.

The platform has currently helped raise more than half the school fees Scovian needs in three days with 44 people having contributed.

It offers a person the chance to register and to start a fundraiser. By giving more information about their request, users can specify what amount of money they need and what they need it for.

Payments can be made through Mpesa, PayPal or Visa and all contributions are made public on the site.

The money that is collected is then transferred to the person who requested the fundraiser through mobile money transfer or their bank account.

In this digital world where almost everything happens online, people can share the fundraiser details through social media to help connect with more people and raise more funds.

The system is however checked and monitored to make sure that no one takes advantage of people’s generosity by lying or coming up with fake fundraisers.

ChangiaBoresha also provides users with guidelines on how to create a successful campaign and how to connect with people who can help.

This platform brings together Kenyans and even those in the diaspora to help one another in time of need.

Anyone who is in need of financial support or is willing to help someone in need can now easily reach out to others.

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