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Campus Vibe
Six things every campus student must avoid
By GREGY ABOKI OBINO | Updated Mar 17, 2018 at 12:47 EAT
Campus students [COURTESY]
  • Campus brings freedom to a lot of people especially after years of parents' surveillance
  • Most of the activities students on campus choose end up ruining their future

Life on campus has its good side and bad side. However, the freedom and fun associated with campus life makes people view campus as the place to be. Though things may seem to be fun, there are things which should be at best avoided.

Drugs and alcohol abuse

Since campus brings freedom to a lot of people, they tend to engage in behaviors that they were shielded from by their parents. Such behaviors include drug and alcohol abuse. People tend to see this as the opportunity to try new drugs and even start drinking alcohol. It was a shocking moment to see one of my high school mates, who at the time was an active member of Christian union, holding a bottle of 750 ml blue moon, a "mzinga" as it is commonly known, while smoking cigarettes. You would never have thought that somebody like him would do something like that. In the end, he was hooked up to the act that he wasn't performing as it was expected of him. He came to the university with high grades, with lots of expectations, but he wasn't who he used to be anymore. Apart from this, another student, who passed highly in high school, became a 'nobody' after he joined the university, due to him engaging in drug and alcohol abuse.


Everybody has procrastinated at one time or another but the level of procrastination is highest among university students. From the payment of school fees, studying for exams, and even doing assignments, almost nothing is spared. Guess what, things related to learning are the most procrastinated things among campus students. You know it and we all know it; that most students postpone their studying until the last minute. This is the time that they pile books over books in order to try and understand all the things which they would have done a while back. At this last minute also, long queues are seen at banking halls and school accountants. This is the last minute rush to ensure that all is well for the issuance of exam cards. Well, though in the end, all may go well, procrastination is not a viable thing to do. You know what, once time is wasted, it can never be recovered.

Negative peer pressure

Peer pressure is all over, both positive and negative. The positive side of it is kind of healthy to us but the negative, well, destroys us. Peer pressure is seen on campus in various situations and scenarios. You may see someone convinced to find a partner just because his/her friends have one. Other influences include changing of dressing styles, engaging in alcohol, partying and even cheating in exams! The negative peer pressure is so much that it affects a lot of people with some not even realizing it. 

Exam cheating

Exam cheating has become a common occurrence in the campus environment that we have got used to it being mentioned from time to time. People have devised numerous ways in which this act can be carried out. Carrying 'mwakenyas', scribbling answers on the exam table, impersonation and use of mobile phones, all, if done in the exam room, result in cheating. Though some may be lucky to go unnoticed, those who get caught face stiff penalties. They may be suspended for a period of time, which usually is not less than one academic year. Their results may be withheld or automatically given a retake. The worst case scenario is when the student is discontinued! Whatever the punishment is, it’s clear that your studies will be ruined. Furthermore, cheating may become addictive to some students that they don't believe in themselves anymore. 

Having many partners

The new swag on campus is to have many partners. Although this is seen to happen to boys, girls are also on the playing field. Boys have it for prestige and to show off while their female counterparts do it for benefits such as cash and academic assistance just to mention some.

Missing classes

So classes on campus are not like those in high school or primary school. Whereas in high school students have the same breaking hours, on campus, timetables are completely different, even for the same faculty. One cannot know if a student is missing a class or not. Furthermore, signing for one another, even if a person is absent, has become a norm. With people making their signatures as simple as their initials, it has become easier to forge the presence of a person in the class. This behavior may have devastating consequences since some stuff are best understood when they are only explained by the lecturer. More so, tips may be given on how to handle a particular question, and you may end up missing it. In short, you'll miss a lot. If I were you, I'd never miss classes for petty reasons. You are a student and a student ought to never miss a class. 

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