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10 effortless ways to rejuvenate your ‘intimate’ life
By Robert Abong'o | Updated Mar 16, 2018 at 10:31 EAT
Couple stare in each other's eyes [COURTESY]

As couples grow older, it is impossible for them to be\r\nas actively involved in sex as they were during their youthful years

The urge for sex diminishes as age increases and the\r\ndrive to ask a woman out just to end up in bed with her fades

Folks, the phrase "The Thrill is Gone" is one of the most accurate descriptions when it comes to intimacy and growing old.

It's not your fault as a human that your drive decreases when you get older, it just does. But that doesn't mean you can't do anything about it.

There are several ways to revive your intimate life and some are as simple as looking straight into the eye of your partner when he/she talks to you.

Here are 10 ways to revive that intimate life you always wanted to have forever:

Touchy Touchy

Human beings love to touch. The feeling when someone touches you or holds you in their arms creates a sense of relaxation and comfort. Good intimacy requires both parties to be comfortable with each other. Start to carress your partner. Do not despair if their skins have turned a bit wrinkly, it still works.

Ask them out again

Sometimes the reason why your sex life faded away was that you stopped treating your partner like the queen or king she/he is. Ask that girl out again, even if it’s your wife. The feeling of knowing someone still has the urge to take you to nice places might just rejuvenate that life you longed for.

Be the lead

You do not have to wait for your partner to ask you. If you want it, ask for it.

Discuss things with each other

When you get home, discuss your stresses at work how your day has been. If you are lucky enough, you might just score a perfect night, key in motivating you to wake up the next day.

Creativity always wins

Intimacy is an act that is practised differently by different people. The more creative you are, the more your partner will be willing to explore your new techniques.

Set up

When you want to revive that youthful drive, always create the setting. Ambiance really matters if you want to get intimate in a comfortable place.

Flirt till the end

Your partner will not know you want them if you do not show it. Flirting is among the final steps when you want to have awesome intimacy with your partner. Whisper things in their ear, touch their hair and look at them suggestively.

Share your deepest fantasies

Every person has a fantasy. People who come together sexually usually have the same fantasies. Share what you daydream about with your partner and you never know, your dreams just might come true.

As an expert

There are professionals who can give you advice on how to rejuvenate your intimate life, sometimes for a fee or for free. Get in touch with one and know what you need.

You and your partner should have mutual interests

Good intimacy is derived from common interests. If you and your partner share sentimental stuff (heart to heart), you are destined to have good s*x. 

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