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Former senator becomes laughing stock of the whole city
By Grapevine | Updated Mar 15, 2018 at 13:46 EAT
Nairobi City [COURTESY]

A former senator has become the laughing stock of the whole city

He is said to be frequenting Parliament buildings to greet friends with no real business there

A former flamboyant Senator has been reduced to a butt of all jokes among his colleagues and constituents.

The ex-senator who was vocal during his term in parliament is now a common feature in the streets around the National Assembly and occasionally pops in parliament to greet his colleagues.

Yesterday, a Senator from the region where the former lawmaker hails from was overheard at a city hotel remarking that he has become a nuisance and should go back to the village if he has nothing meaningful to do in the city.

The leader who had big political dreams before he was sent packing by the electorate in the last polls is normally seen in restaurants frequented by common mwananchi around the CBD.

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