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How Uhuru is preparing the way for Gideon Moi in 2022
By Nichasius Koech | Updated Feb 08, 2018 at 08:33 EAT
President Uhuru and Gideon Moi {past event}
  • President Uhuru's current actions might affect DP Ruto chance for office in 2022 
  • This leaves room for Gideon Moi to be Kenya's fifth president

Unknowingly, the termed professor of politics, one William Samoei may soon sink into the same pool Agwambo has been croaking in. And humor shall turn into vitendawili (proverbs).

What goes around, comes around, the wise of yore once said, and yonder the rope that tethered Raila tight in opposition might coil the legs of Kipruto's son.

Let me expound my point. The suffocation of the press that underwent concurrently with the opposition is to the disadvantage of the government.

Uhuru Kenyatta, having secured a second term has nothing to strive for other than to remain president to the completion of his term in office. That is not a hard thing to do. He will invoke fist rule wherever things get sore like he is doing right now. Mtafanya nini?

It shall be remembered that among the media houses affected includes one which Gideon Kisiele Moi, a possible fifth president of the republic has interest in.

He thus stands counted whenever victims are paraded. And that is a plan. When that time comes, when Jubilee government stinks to every nose, he won't bear the stench. 

Uhuru's mission is to create distaste against the government. Well, you cannot hate the government without hating the presidency. You will hate Uhuru, yet you will have nothing to do with his two-term presidency.

But the icing is that there is no way on earth you can hate "Uhu" and spare "Ruto" in the "Uhuruto" jargon.

In summary, the assignment from the political library in Sacho has its literature reviewed (only the wise will understand).

The rinds of Jubilee shall have become slippery and stinky. That is exactly the aim. And in the year 2022, the opposition shall have been completely mutilated, yet the fibers still yearning for a rid to cling onto.

That rid shall be Kipsiele. Like Kibaki benefitted from rebellion against Moi, so shall he benefit from the same against the current regime. The majority will call for anyone else apart from the bearers of the country's regalia at the moment. 

Little will they know, that there was furnace under the pot as early as 2018. Folks, the dice are already rolling. The earlier we get to understand the drill, the better for us to "shika jembe na tujenge taifa". Some vows go unbroken, especially within the canopy class.

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