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Supporters cry foul after Miguna is arraigned in Kajiado court
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Feb 06, 2018 at 12:38 EAT
Miguna arraigned in Kajiado court

NRM general Miguna Miguna was allegedly charged in Kajiado Court early today

NASA supporters have cried foul since many lawyers had assembled at Milimani court waiting for him to be arraigned

The High Court has ordered DCI Kinoti and IG Boinnet to present Miguna 

Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Nicholas Mutuku revealed to the High Court that Self-proclaimed National Resistance Movement (NRM) general Miguna Miguna was arraigned in a Kajiado court on Tuesday, February 6.

His announcement came after Judge Luka Kimaru issued orders to Inspector General (IG) Joseph Boinnet and Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) boss George Kinoti asking the lawyer to be personally produced in court on Tuesday morning.

Miguna was arrested on Friday at his Runda home over January 30th’s ‘swearing-in’ of Raila Odinga as 'the people’s president' and taken to taken to Githunguri Police Station.

Mr. Edwin Sifuna, his lawyer rushed to court to obtain orders directing that his client be released on Sh50,000 bond pending his arraignment in court on Monday. The order, however, was not obeyed and Miguna spent the weekend at Lari Police station.

The DCI said that the former Nairobi Gubernatorial candidate was apprehended for administering an illegal oath and being a member of NRM, a movement that has since been outlawed by the Government.

“Miguna publicly declared that he is the general of NRM, which is already declared a proscribed group. By the time he declared publicly, there was a gazette notice by the minister. How can we let it go? We are law enforcers,” said Kinoti.

Miguna's alleged charge sheet

High Court judge Luka Kimaru on Monday, February 5 asked that the IG and DCI avail Miguna in court before 2 pm but they didn’t. The hearing was then postponed to Tuesday morning where the two were again asked to avail Miguna.

National Super Alliance (NASA) lawyers who had assembled at Milimani Courts ahead of Miguna’s hearing said the move by DCI only makes matters worse. 

Miguna at Kajiado court

Reports, however, say the general declined to take plea at Kajiado, saying the High Court was waiting for him.

Miguna's supporters on social media were not left behind, saying Miguna should have been presented at the High Court;

STATE IMPUNITY! How can you arrest someone in Nairobi, detain him in Kiambu, and then charge him in Kajiado? These police who failed their mathematics exams now seem to be doing well in Vector and Bearing! #FreeMigunaMigunaNow #MigunaCharged #EndFGM Otiende Amollo Kajiado pic.twitter.com/D5WSAs0ms9— Sauti Ya Mwananchi (@SisiWananchi) February 6, 2018

#MigunaCharged Miguna Miguna charged before kajiado law court yet his team of lawyers have been waiting for him in Nairobi life can be so unfair to some people. pic.twitter.com/dA43ImcmOo— KhalidGraph (@the_khala) February 6, 2018

@dkmaraga it is during your tenure that people arrested are being charged away from jurisdictions where offenses took place. It is also during your tenure that court orders have become mere pieces of paper, and you do not say a thing!#MigunaCharged— Charles Mwabili (@CMwabili) February 6, 2018

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