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Did popular bishop force wife to record a video denying claims that she suffers negligence?
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Feb 04, 2018 at 15:31 EAT
Alex and Mary Ominde
  • Pastor Alex Ominde is on the spot for allegedly mistreating his wife
  • Mary Atieno Ominde, his wife dominated the gospel music scene more than two decades ago
  • The singer, who is blind, has weathered the gospel scene for over three decades
  • Alex denies claims and posted a video where Mary assures followers she is fine

A post exposing Senior Pastor Bishop Alex Ominde of House of Favour worship church in Kayole first appeared on Facebook on January 27 claiming the man mistreats his wife and cheats on her. Two posts appearing on Kilimani Mums Udaku Zone KMUZ and Kilimani First Wives Club (Original) allegedly sought to expose Pastor Ominde to his followers.

According to the post, the pastor leaves his wife behind while going to preach the gospel in the US and brings souvenirs for a side chick who resides in Umoja 2 estate. Mary Atieno, Ominde’s wife is a popular gospel singer who is favoured for her hits Adamu na Eva among others is said to suffer from negligence after her husband took over her accounts.

Mary Atieno Ominde claims she is alright

“He also leaves his wife behind while going to preach the gospel in the US, what kind of neglect is this and akipewa gifts apelekee bibi yake huwa haimfikii anapelekea Mwk,” read one part of the post....”So Mr. Ominde, your dearest wife maybe blind but the world is seeing what you are doing in the broad daylight,” read another part.

Bishop Alex Ominde

Alex and Mary, who is blind, have collaborated in many gospel songs, even appearing on television shows on several occasions.

The couple in past

The posts in the groups, which have numerous of followers elicited reactions with a majority of people showing pity for Mary while a few demanded that the couple’s private life be left out of public groups. The posts also provoked Pastor Ominde’s response which he posted on his Facebook page assuring followers that all is well with his family;

The response, however, did the opposite as many responded saying Mary was notably under duress during the short clip the pastor shared.

As the debate goes on, however, one wonders if or not the pastor is truly mistreating and neglecting his wife or he is just a victim of cyber attacks.

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