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Five better ways 'Hessy wa Kayole/Dandora' can use his Facebook page
By Joseph Njogu Kimanjuru | Updated Feb 03, 2018 at 11:09 EAT
Hessy's pages on Facebook

Hessy, whoever he/she is os popular for taking down Nairobi's worst criminals and posting them on his Facebook page

However, there are better ways Hessy can use this page instead of posting graphic photos of criminals

On Wednesday 30th January 2018, I had the unfortunate opportunity to witness, as usual, a botched shootout that is the norm in Eastland's near Sosian Estate, Shujaa mall, Nairobi.

A gangster surrenders to alleged cops, with the hope that his life will be spared and he will be given free food and accommodation in Kamiti.

To his dismay, the Kenyan cop, with utter disgust for paperwork and court proceedings, chooses the morgue as his final destination.

What surprised me most out of this gothic ordeal was the speed at which pictures were posted on Hessy's Facebook account. Warrior cries of bravado from the infamous cop with slangs like 'amejua hajui', 'lamba lolo' accompanied heart-wrenching pictures of a bloody lifeless corpse.

As I sat perusing through the comments I realized how cold we are, how inhumane man can be. On one hand, we have gun-yielding, money hungry youth aged from 16-25 facing off with trigger-happy, cold- hearted Kenyan cops, protecting a society that has witnessed this scenario way too many times.

Are we on the right track? Yes, crime is at its highest in Kenya especially Eastland's. Yes, something has to be done. But drastic actions call for drastic measures. This can also go the other way round. Posting pictures of slain gangsters only serve as an epitaph wall of fame.

If this can't leave an illusion of grandeur on ‘mogoka’ chewing, easy access to gun youth, then point me to a monkey that hates trees. Hessy is on the right track addressing crime on social media as most youths are tech savvy but here are 5 better ways he can use his page effectively.

1. Drugs

Hessy should post messages on effects of drug abuse. Mogoka, bhang and 'kichuri', the street name for a powder that is alleged to have the power to knock the ‘queen’ out of the ‘slay’. He should advice on over-indulgence, the resulting feeling of mortality and the short lifespan that ironically accompanies it.

2. Guidance and counseling

Posts on guidance and counseling should be like a permanent graffiti on Hessy's wall. Where to visit? Who to contact or seek? How to get help should be a priority when addressing crime as most of these gun trotting youths are simply junkies taken advantage of by pimps who due to drug dealings, have access to guns which they lease out to them with the expectation that major bounties will be collected by them, taking the lion’s share so as to send them back for more.

3. Real targets.

It’s surprising how youth residing in one of the most deplorable ghettos in the name of Portmore in Kayole - Matopeni can have access to AK47's, G3's or Ceska pistols. Common sense in this situation dictates lack of resources and connections to purchase such armories. Who is arming our youths? Common sense also commands that the cop that Hessy is, if he is worth the bones that his flesh is mounted on, as a police officer, has an idea on who the perpetrators are however vague it is. Why not pin a bull’s eye on their backs and make them persona non grata.

4. Jobs

It’s a hustle out here. it’s a man-eat-man jungle when it comes to searching for jobs. But there are easily available jobs that youths aged 16 - 25 can handle. Product promotions and sales are good examples. Hessy should use his social site to target both public and private institutions and act as a job link for youth.

5. Friendly face

Hessy should post success stories of individuals who have ‘changed’ - from criminal life to exemplary citizens. Crime shouldn't be idolized through social media, it rather be addressed or we are forever going to partake light meals every time we visit Kayole Crime Free page. Hessy, as a tax payers’ beneficiary, should serve not only as a force to be revered but as a beacon of hope. ‘Lamba lolo’ is already a catchy phrase to my 3-year-old son for the wrong reasons. 


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