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MPs pushed out of committee for lack of knowledge on farming
By Grapevine | Updated Jan 11, 2018 at 08:05 EAT
The Kenyan parliament
  • Three MPs from Rift Valley were kicked out of committee since none of them had proper understanding of problems facing farmers
  • The legislators have planned to meet Deputy President William Ruto over the committee debacle

Three Jubilee Members of Parliament (MPs) from Rift Valley were overhead at Parliament building discussing why they pulled a coup against some of their colleagues endorsed by the party to head various committees.

The legislators laughed off the idea of picking an MP from pastoral communities to head the Agriculture committee, in a discussion that insinuated that the preferred MP, who was defeated in the committee election, has no proper understanding of problems facing farmers.

According to the legislators, the committee can only deliver on its mandate if it is headed by a legislator from an agricultural zone.

Grapevine has established that Rift Valley MPs have planned to meet Deputy President William Ruto over the committee debacle that has since gone to court.

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