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Norman Magaya blames Duale for missing EALA position, Khalwale responds
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Dec 18, 2017 at 12:11 EAT
Norman Magaya and Boni Khalwale
  • After missing on the EALA final list, NASA's Norman Magaya accused Majority leader Aden Duale of being behind his tribulations
  • Boni Kwalwale asked him to reconsider his sentiments since his failure may have also come from NASA decisions on whom to choose
  • Kenyans on Twitter kept tabs on the conversation and voiced their views

Following the announcement of the final list of those who got positions at East African Legislative Assembly (EALA), National Super Alliance CEO Norman Magaya turned his anger on Leader of Majority in the National Assembly Aden Duale.

EALA is a legislative arm of the Community and a sub-organ of the East African Community where elected members are sworn-into five-year-long terms.

Those who made it to the final list on December 14, 2017 include former Kamukunji Simon Mbugua, Florence Jematia ,Former Tigania Eat MP Mpuuri Aburi , Charles Nyachae , and Noor Adan , Kalonzo Musyoka's son, Kennedy Musyoka, Raila Odinga’s elder Oburu Oginga (48), Former Mbala Mbala MP Abdikadir Aden and former Wajir Women Rep Fatuma Ibrahim.

Magaya, who had worked hard to secure a position displayed his displeasure on Twitter immediately after his name missed on the final list.

He did not mince his thoughts saying that he had done better work for NASA than those who got through. Shortly after the announcement, he took to Twitter to express his feelings about the final list

Unapologetic, tenacious, relentless, unremorseful, non compromising and principled. Will never beg on my knees for favors. Keep them. Forever stay on my feet. There is dignity in being firm. Forever greatful to my mentor @orengo_james. Charismatic!— Norman Magaya (@amugira) December 14, 2017

Several Kenyans on Twitter seemed to agree with him while others noted his bitter tone

Am so happy that you were not picked my darling hero.We need you more in NASA than anything else at revolutionary moments like https://t.co/OjfF4MqHsH must be near Raila Odinga the people's president all the time till we get to Cannan.God had a reason for your stay out of EALA— Erick Atitwa (@AtitwaGmail) December 15, 2017

Accept and move on you have been a bridge and you didn't deliver the votes so I fill for you c e o— George Njagi (@GeorgeNjagi7) December 16, 2017

You are in denial, which is very understandable. But you need to face the reality that it's your own Party and coalition that nipped your dreams in the bud.— St. Patricks (@Patolyer) December 17, 2017

A day after the results were announced, Magaya accused Duale of using money to influence his lack of entry at the EALA.

The wound is the place where the Light enters you. To Mr. Duale, the Ksh11.5m marshaled to bump me off will not dim my star. Take this to the bank, I will be back soon, facing you off in the parlor of parliament. You can buy Mps, but you can't buy ordinary voters.— Norman Magaya (@amugira) December 15, 2017

It’s this tweet that caught the attention of many who accused him of throwing unnecessary tantrums. Others advised him to rise and move on.

Let's do the math. NASA has 141 Mps, 52 voted magaya which means 89 did not. So if "Duale's money was split equally among the traitors in NASA each of the 89 received ksh.129, 213 to betray Norman Magaya . NASA greed will be the coalitions downfall— keith_karugu (@keithkrazy7) December 15, 2017

Accept and move on my fren, you have been replaced with a more brilliant articulate sober and experience legislature by the name @HonAbdik who will add more value to the regional parliament unlike a greenhorn like you.— Osman Issack (@osmanowali) December 15, 2017

Duale has nothing to do with your loss You can go ahead and Swear yourself in to peoples assembly{baraza la wazee} in the village politics is not for the weak pugaa— Lord DBK (@Lord_Dbk) December 15, 2017

One of the responses that could not be ignored is that of Boni Khalwale. In his tweet on December 16, Khawlwale told Magaya to stop blaming Duale for his loss. He went ahead to remind him that part of his tribulations was as a result of choices made by his coalition.

According to Khalwale, Oburu and Musyoka enjoyed support from both NASA and Jubilee.

Careful my brother! Ua tribulations aren't exclusively coz of Hon Duale. There is also the small matter of what NASA/ODM actually wanted. See how Dr Oburu & Kennedy Kalonzo easily got votes from both NASA & Jubilee? https://t.co/VcCbnpwrpF— Boni Khalwale (@KBonimtetezi) December 16, 2017

Khalwale’s remarks also evoked a series of reactions with some tweeps saying he was being harsh on Magaya.

For my friend @amugira to blame Duale, I think he has Not studied politics well. The people who rigged him out are in his Party and are his bosses. @HonAdenDuale is innocent here.— Robert ALAI (Nyakwar Nyokwongi) (@RobertAlai) December 16, 2017

Fact:Duale didn't ask ODM to add Fatuma former Wajir women rep & Abdikadir former Balambala Mp in their list,Jubilee looked at NASA list & picked those with least influence in the opposition. Norman Magaya is a lion in the opposition & a big critic of Duale and his regime.— Triple A (@Kalsoon3) December 17, 2017

East African community members do not vote in Kenya. His vibrancy would have been not in such an assembly, see Mumbi Ngaru. Unless you do not understand how EALA works.— KaruguJ (@KaruguJ1) December 17, 2017

Absolutely daktari! How i wish #Magaya can see from the other side of the coin! Let him FORGET about duale,there is what the NASA/ODM PARTY & MPS wanted! PERIOD!!— Ann Sophia (@AnnSophia9) December 16, 2017

'Politics of Betrayal' in its utter manifestation. You loyally, naively & selflessly cook ugali for your masters only for them to eventually turn you into their yummy 'kitoweo'. Utajua haujui!!! ????????????— Jimmy Wanjigi™ (@RealJimiWanjigi) December 16, 2017

But Hon. Isn't it unfair for him, NASA Shortchanged @amugira period! They could have lobbied for him, Total political Jaramandia !— Julius Mmasi ???????? (@JuliusMmasi) December 16, 2017

I didn't expect this from @amugira. I expected @NormanMagaya to announce the swearing in ceremony of the people's EALA nominee since @HonAdenDuale rigged him out!— Samuel David (@DasamQ) December 17, 2017

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