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Confessions: Kenyans reveal their worst job interview mistakes
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Dec 18, 2017 at 13:47 EAT
Interviews are known to scare even the smartest of
  • Standing before a panel in an interview is enough to send one speechless scared
  • Most people panic during interviews and forget even the most basic of responses
  • Kenyans on social media have listed some of the mistakes they made during such moments

Almost every adult attends an interview or two in their lifetime. Facing a panel that questions one’s behavior among others puts many people in a difficult situation with many lacking suitable responses even for simple queries.

Kenyans have revealed the most common mistakes that they ever made during an interview in a simple survey on Facebook on a financial advisory page. 

A Facebook user and a member of the group asked the other participants what kind of mistakes they have ever made and in turn got many replies, most of them hilarious.

The user by the name Bunsen Burner posted on 52-week Savings Challenge Kenya,"What's the biggest mistake you ever made during an interview?"

52-week Savings Challenge Kenya is a page that gives financial advice Kenyans of all levels.

The responses were enlightening and hilarious at the same time;

Solitah Linus replied; Ahahahaha after high school I needed something g to keep me busy, so I get this interview for a receptionists and am asked, how much salary would you expect, very innocently I said 3K, and the whole room was with laughter, so the guy went ahead to ask me to budget for the 3K and enyewe it was tough

but now I know better

Nyuks Njonjo; Forgot my printed cv at a liqour joint while 'removing lock' that morning and had to request the panel to put their flash share apps on so that i could send them the soft copy... We laughed and laughed and then thay said it was ok they were gonna call me... It took me six months to notice they hadnt asked for my phone number!

Njegaz Charaguz; I waz asked by the panelist to spell the word Cantankerous..I told them, "please come clean, if there is no Vacancy just tell me, stop beating around the bush" Am still waiting for them to call me

Mary Njoki Mwau; someone organised for me a job n akasema mimi ni cousin yake, Kwa iinterview nikaulizwa if i know so n so and how are we related. I blundered nikasema we are just friends. The interviewer was like, "But she said you're her cousin". I started shivering n nikajipata nimesema, "we were cousins but we broke up". My friend was so mad at me. I'm still waiting for their reply three years later.

Wuod Caro; I was asked "Where do you see yourself taking this organization in the next 3yrs? Ans. I will be the CEO in 3yrs to come for this great organization. I will help in developing a long term strategic direction of the firm to a level the current CEO has never done in the last 10yrs.

Niliambiwa watacommunicate

Coyie Mathenge; I asked the boss to give me his 5 year vision! He was so pissed and he even asked me to clearly remember who was being interviewed.
But in reality I meant to ask him to give me the company's 5 year vision. Let's just say I didn't get the job and I stopped memorizing interview questions and answers

Milkah Riitho; The interview was to start at 10 but they interviewed us at 2,mimi lunch hour nikaenda nikalala hapo kwa grass walikua wananiamsha

Butia Cheruto; Say something about yourself..... Acha niseme napenda kutravel na kuwatch movie... Job kwisha.

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