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It’s not even the sex! 15 signs that he will not marry you
By Brian Onyiego | Updated Dec 02, 2017 at 15:25 EAT
Men sometimes are scared of commitment
  • Many serious couples date for at least two years before they decide to get married
  • However, some men prefer not getting married because of several reasons, but will never tell their women

You have been dating for a while, family and friends have started asking questions like why are you not getting married and what not.

He is the right guy but keeps sending mixed signals.

You are confused and don’t know if you should dump him or keep him. This is how you will know.

He never asks for your advice

You have just heard from his friends that he has bought a house and you were not told about it or your ideas were not involved. Be sure he is planning to live with someone else in it and you are not the one.

He blames you more than help

He is the non-committing type if you explain to him your problems and all he does is criticise rather than give you a solution.

He shows up at the party then ducks

If he is that kind of guy who shows up at parties and events then takes a French leave. Please move on.

He tells you he wants a future but only when he is under the influence

When he’s submerged in whiskey or smoked a joint it is the only time he explains how much he is into you and wants a family with you. Move on he will not marry you.

He does not make love the way you like it

He is the type of man who wants a two-second ‘thing’ and never wants to know if you are enjoying the intimacy or not. That is enough to tell you he is there only for sex.

His attention shrinks with time

It is abnormal if he started the relationship psyched up taking you to dates, meeting up with your friends and family and all over a sudden he is busy, never shows up for dates. Please look for someone who will give you the attention.

He never owns you up in public.

You are only his woman behind closed doors and you are introduced as a ‘good friend’ only when you meet up with friends and family.

He is never good enough for you

When you bring up the marriage issue he always comes up with an excuse. He gives reasons like he has not made enough money yet, he needs to buy a house first, wants to become a millionaire before you get married or he is not a man enough.

You have never met any of his women friends.

You have dated for a period of time and you have never connected with any other women in his life friends. He is hiding you from someone and definitely, it is his other girlfriend.

He is waiting for the right time

You pop the marriage question and he asks you to wait for the right time. This is a ducking tactic.

He keeps pushing the wedding date more into the future

He has already given you an engagement ring but as soon as you ask when is the wedding, he keeps on pushing the dates further.

He thinks marriage is work

Marriage to him creates a picture of changing the babies’ diapers and preparing supper all alone.

To him, commitment is a challenge

If he sees commitment in marriage as a baggage and a place of boredom. It is your time to leave and look for a man who will commit

He is undecided

He seems to never make up his mind, he is not sure about getting married.

He never attends family dinners

If he is never present at your family gatherings and vice-versa, you should consider looking for someone who is proud and happy to have you.

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