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The Do's and Don'ts of intimacy: Habits that lead to bad intimacy experiences
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Jan 26, 2018 at 12:10 EAT
Couples should take care of each others wants
  • There are several things one must not attempt during sexual intercourse
  • Poor sexual interaction with one’s partner is a crumbling pillar which if not acted on may lead to a broken relationship

One major aspect of a healthy relationship is intimacy. Couples build their togetherness on several pillars including getting and enjoying intimacy with each other.

Poor sexual interaction with one’s partner is a crumbling pillar which if not acted on may lead to a broken relationship. While some problems in sexual activity are out of one’s control, others are just dismissed as petty, only to cause harm in bounds.

While for some it involves jumping into bed for a few minutes, actions revolving around intimacy determine if one enjoys their session or not.

Creating the mood for one’s partner before and after intimacy goes a long way in making one’s partner want to get more or not.

Here are things that one shouldn’t do before and after sexual activity, or else they will repulse the partner;

Poor hygiene

It is wrong and really repulsive when one has to endure a partner’s sweaty body just before getting intimate. Cleaning up before moving to get steamy with one’s partner makes them more comfortable. Cleaning after intimacy is also important. No one wants to smell action from hours ago on their partners.


Eating heavy meals before getting intimate with is almost a crime. From getting a bloated stomach, which obviously slows down action, to chances of letting out gas, heavy meals are obviously a no-go zone. Light meals and healthy snacks that improve one’s libido are instead encouraged as they add value to the whole affair.


Everyone knows that getting intimate starts with creating the mood for the other person and vice versa. It is difficult to whisper sweet nothings to one’s partner if their attention is glued to their gadgets. One should switch their gadgets off or leave them out of the hot room. Going back to one’s gadget immediately after getting it is an unspoken message to one’s partner that they didn’t enjoy a bit of it.


Many people claim that hitting a few shots of something before intimacy gives them a little edge. What they fail to know is that alcohol is a known libido buster. Taking alcohol to get the courage to loosen up and get into action works for some people but definitely lets them down when the time for action comes.


The difference in some topics comes in when and how they are communicated. It is important to discuss on measures of protection against STDs and pregnancy but doing it right after the mood is set is wrong. Such talks should be finalized long before initiating the action. Telling one’s partner of measures they should have taken right after having sex with them is a crime. That is because the damage has already been done.


Relationships are all about being close to each other. Creating time to bond and build up trust between partners is key. Skipping or giving inadequate foreplay before getting into action kills the bond between partners. Failure to cuddle and snuggle afterward makes the intimacy look casual.

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