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Personal Assistant in trouble after giving politician's son drugs
By Grapevine | Updated Nov 15, 2017 at 08:35 EAT
  • A Personal Assistant is in trouble with his boss he went against the word of his boss and breached a barrier that had been imposed on his son
  • The politician's son is said to be battling drug addiction

A renowned Personal Assistant to one of the key politicians in the country is in big trouble. This is after the P.A went against the word of his boss and breached a barrier that had been imposed on his son, who is battling drug addiction.

The politician's son was grounded son and put under ‘house arrest’ due to heavy consumption of drugs with the father hoping that blocking him from outside contact will deprive him off supply of the illicit drugs.

However the P.A is said to have sneaked in the dead of the night and delivered a dose for the ‘prisoner’. When the father arrived and found his son tipsy he demanded to know who accessed the room.

After he established that it was his assistant, the angry politician ordered that the PA himself be locked in that room for three days without a phone and any communication. Their working relationships is not rocky.

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