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11 crucial things every man should be able to do
By Hillary Gisore | Updated Nov 14, 2017 at 15:55 EAT
A man romancing a woman
  • Being a man requires competence and to achieve that one must have some skills in doing various activities.
  • there are certain things every man should do effortlessly.

Men are wired to be hard and gentle at the same time.A man should be able to handle any situation regardless of its grading or physical engagement.Men should be flexible ,that they can do any work.

Being a man requires competence and to achieve that you must have some skills in doing various activities.

When it comes to relationships there are certain things should know as a guy.

All men should be able to do the following;

Flirting with an older woman

Flirting with an older woman especially if she is twice your age, is considered manly.You will feel superior when she unlocks her heart, and accepts you. Work on your vibes and determine what works to achieve this.


A man should be able to cook his favourite food. When you know how to cook, you'll avoid junk and unhealthy takeaways. Women admire men who can survive the kitchen without burning half of the house down.

Have a sense of humuor

Knowing how to make people laugh without necessarily showing them a funny fistfight video of twisted law makers will set you apart from the pack. Work out on your ability to crack well-timed jokes but don't push too hard or women will take you for a lunatic.

Iron your clothes

You may have depended on your dear old mum to iron your pants or shirts before the missus took over the chore. So you have no fuss idea on how to iron your pair of trousers and that custom-shirt. Someday you'll be on your own, doing the ironing. Appearing unkempt keeps ladies off your path.

Ask a random woman on a date

The manliness scale is all about how good you are in bedding random women.To be manly you have to show off your ability to woo a lady. Few men are artful pursuers these days because of the plague of hanging out in white parties, that makes them sissies. Don't be that type of man, stick out your shoulders and ask a woman out.

Throw a knockout punch

Fights are shameful especially when you lose. But if you can't avoid it, throw a knockout blow that will back off your opponent. Read his moves and when he seems off guard, send a powerful straight punch to his face. Women love men who can throw a punch or two, it gives them a sense of security.

Give a good massage

A giant crave to win several dates with your gal will drive you to do stuff that impress her. Most importantly, giving a good massage for her sake without hoping for sex earns you points. It leaves her feeling loved and cared for.

Dress for the occasion

Looks matter, irrespective of the occasion or location. Work on your grooming and reshuffle your wardrobe from time to time. When you dress shabbily, people will easily dismiss you. Wear manly pants that aggrandize your body physiology.

Give manly handshakes

Guys don't go around hugging other men since society judges that as gay. To be more of a man, learn how to give a manly handshake. When handshaking another man, approach the person's line of sight, look them in the eyes while your hands firmly interlock.

Buy a woman clothing

Real men buy their women clothes without much of a fuss.Making a woman look prettier and stand out from her friends wins you a womna's love among other things.

Console a crying woman

Women are emotional and they easily breakdown into tears.Take out your handkerchief, hold her close to your chest as you wipe them out.Meanwhile unleash sweet words to calm her down. Do not push to know what her sorrow is , unless she is willing to share.

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