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Campus Vibe
Annoying habits of campus women
By Hillary Gisore | Updated Nov 11, 2017 at 12:09 EAT
Campus women dancing in a night-club
  • Campus women in Kenya are culprits of indecent dressing even when going to class
  • They drink too much that they end up making silly decisions

People can be annoying. Women, just like men can do dumb stuff, that can completely turn off somebody. Even our friends start to annoy when they can't keep doing nice things.

But there is no particular code of conduct for every woman or a particular pattern of behavior exclusive to women.

However, there are things that are so gross about campus women.

Campus women should try to fix these behaviours.

Indecent dressing

There are appropriate ways of adorning that can fit in the decency bracket. At the same time, there are dressing styles that can inspire stoning from men.

Honestly, campus women have freighted ladies' fashion and they now walk half-naked.They're so naive. All they want is to please their egos without knowing the effects that has on men with wandering eyes. Dressing nude is so annoying and a turnoff for potential partners.

Drinking silly

Nothing is so annoying like a drunk woman.The booze will fuel her to do dumb things, that ruin her life later.

Campus women who have an insatiable appetite with liquor, are reckless and they live fragile lives.. 

If you can't keep away from liquor, drink with friends who will see you safely back to the hostel. Doing it on your own can turn your life upside down.

Careless dating

We have to talk about this because somebody's wife is messing out there.

Having a night sexual intimacy in his hostel, in the presence of several roommates, can win you a 'loose woman' tag.

Campus men find that annoying and disturbing.

If all campus women shun the above or do it well, they'll drive on a number of men. But if you're the type above, you risk expelling worthy men from your life.

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