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REVEALED: How Jubilee MP used witchcraft to win election
By Fay Ngina | Updated Nov 10, 2017 at 09:55 EAT
Politician used witchcraft to win election
  • A witness, Kevin Murimi exposed Mbeere South MP at the High Court for using witchcraft to win election
  • The MP denied claims saying that he was sent by his rival, who filed the petition, to malign his name

Mbeere South Member of Parliament Geoffrey King’ang’i was exposed by a witness in the election petition by a former MP Hopeful Kamau Nyutu, for using witchcraft to win the August 8 presidential election. The witness told the Mbeere South High Court that the MP gave 3000 voters, Sh 500 each, before calling witchdoctors at his farm in Kitiriri.

The witness, Kevin Murimi, also went and said that the witchdoctors gave the voters raw meat in a bid to pledge an allegiance to voting for the Mbeere South Mp. The witchdoctors said failure of doing so will land them in grave consequences.

When asked to reveal the names of the people who took the raw meat but he could not. He said that he could not even reveal the names of the witchdoctors. He said that although they are well-known, he did not know their names.

Mr Murimi also admitted that he was among the people who participated in slaughtering the bull, whose meat was cooked but some left for the voters to take.

However, the Mbeere South MP denied the allegations saying that he was sent by Mr Nyutu, who wants the court to annul the August 8 election, to help him win the case and tarnish him name.

The case will be heard on 24 January 2018.

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