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City lawyer so paranoid, he carries his firearm everywhere
By The Grapevine | Updated Oct 18, 2017 at 08:48 EAT
This lawyer carries his firearm everywhere
  • A popular city lawyer left a journalist scared after going for an interview with his firearm.
  • When asked, this learned friend said he has to protect himself form his enemies.

The paranoia exhibited by a vocal city lawyer, in the last two months has become the talk of town. Best known for his vocal defense of the opposition chiefs in TV interviews and social media, the controversial advocate always walks around with a loaded pistol.

Everywhere the lawyer goes he carries the firearm with him. Recently a TV journalist who was preparing the learned friend for an interview during prime time news nearly screamed, after she saw the gun tucked under the waistband of his trousers.

The lawyer proceeded with the interview unfazed, after explaining that he has to protect himself against his enemies!

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