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Five places to find a soul-mate
By Brian Onyiego | Updated Oct 17, 2017 at 08:31 EAT
Finding a soul-mate is a big achievement
  • Finding a soul-mate is not always easy for everyone; some people suffer rejection after a few dates.
  • There are several places which one can easily find a person who shares their interests.

Finding a soul-mate who fits your criteria is tiresome, challenging and even painful especially if you get rejections after a few dates. This can be made easier by finding a partner who has the same interests as you. Here are places where you can find a soul mate who has the same interests as you.


Apart from the food, flowers and the cakes that makes weddings worthwhile, many people look for single people in wedding who dream of taking the same lane.

Singles seminars

Singles conventions are organized for single people like you to find a potential life partner who is searching for a perfect match.

Work retreats

People go for retreats to have fun away from work but also to meet new people plus it is easy to interact.

Concerts/ Events

People who attend concerts/events share common interests. For example when you attend a fashion show event, it easy to converse about fashion personalities and trends for hours without getting bored. The same applies to sports events.


Believers converge in big numbers at sanctuaries for spiritual nourishment. It is true to say that among these congregants there are some who are seeking love. The next time you attend a church service forget your bible intentionally and ask the one sitting next to you share theirs.

Go to all the above places with confidence and stay optimistic. Many people are single out there waiting for you meet them.

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