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Ladies: Here is why your guy won’t text you back
By Wambui Mbuthia | Updated Oct 12, 2017 at 13:02 EAT
Sometimes your man is just busy

Relationships sometimes go through phases where one person doesn't feel like texting the other

There are several reasons why 'your man' is not texting you back

So you met this guy and have gone on several dates with him. You begin to think about him all day and you can’t help but check on him over the day so you text him.

Unfortunately, your numerous texts go unanswered and worry creeps in. You start wondering what you could have done wrong in your previous date.

Here are some the things that are keeping him from texting back:

He is busy

Your guy may be thinking about you as well. Trouble is, he is at work or in a meeting where he can’t afford to check his phone each time it beeps.

He doesn’t feel like talking

Everyone has moments where they just want to be left alone. He too has those. As much as the feeling is not related to you in any way, having to answer to your unnecessary texts will not improve the situation.

You text too much

You send countless texts with so little to talk about. It becomes a task to keep replying to texts after every five minutes especially in a work environment. Text him once and he’ll know you are thinking about him.

He is hung on someone else

Sometimes a guy was with you for a ‘week of wildness and adventure’. Now he is done with it and he is back to his relationship. Sending endless texts doesn’t bring him back, he probably isn't even reading them.

He is communicating

He prefers not to hurt you by telling you he is not into you. He keeps ignoring your texts, hoping you will tire and quit. It is his polite way of saying he doesn’t like you.

He doesn’t put as much emotion to texts as you do

He reads your text, he pushes out of his head and proceeds with his day. Texts to him don’t mean much and he prefers saying things on a face to face basis.

Having learnt this, you can easily know whether to keep worrying or to just call the whole texting affair quits.

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