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Seven tips on how to dump a guy without hurting his feelings
By Brian Onyiego | Updated Oct 07, 2017 at 12:32 EAT
Break up with him, but don't hurt his feelings

Sometimes it is impossible to dump a guy without hurting his feelings

However, with these tips, you can easily move on and leave the guy less hurt

Have you been dating a guy for years and you finally feel like the relationship has lost meaning? Has he tricked you with 101 promises but zero fulfilled? Is he lacking direction and no longer understands himself?

Do you feel you have already swallowed enough for this guy and realised he is a waste of time?

Do you feel it is high time you threw him away and went fishing again but fear hurting his feelings?

Are you confused on how to go about it?

Here are tips on how to do away with him without hurting his feelings:

Never pick up his calls

One way to express to him that he has lost meaning in your life is by ignoring his calls. You can reply with “Am in a class or in a meeting I will call you later,” and do not call him back unless it is an emergency.

Never text back

Totally ignore his good morning, good night texts and any other texts sent in between the day including emails. If in-case you bump into him and he questions your negligence, just acknowledge that you saw the texts but you forgot to text back. This will give him a sign that he is no longer a priority.

Never show up for dates

It is simple, never ever show up for dates no matter the restaurant, hotel or if it’s at his place. Just assure him you will be there on time only to be a no-show.

Always be late

Come in late and be the first one to leave. Be it on his birthday or his parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. In fact, leave when he is about to introduce you to his folks.

Avoid his circles

Try not to be involved with his ring of friends be it in church, school or work. You can always leave either earlier or later when he preoccupied with something.

No more sex for him

Let him know that he can no longer get intimate with you, no matter his advances. If you do get intimate with him, you are at a risk of remaining stuck in the same situation with the same man forever.

Have an excuse

Finally, if he fails to take notice of all the above, create an excuse not to be with him. Say something like “John, I think it is high time I take my career seriously, so I have no time for relationships,” or “John, Am not the right girl for you.”

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