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HEART STEALER: Jose Mourinho gets street named after him
By Robert Abong'o | Updated Oct 04, 2017 at 14:03 EAT
Man Utd Manager Jose Mourinho

Manchester United Manager Jose Mourinho has had a street named after him

Already a Champions League winner with Porto and Inter, Mourinho led Man United back into the Champions League

In acknowledgement of all his past achievements in football, the local authority of Jose Mourinho’s hometown of Setubal, Portugal has changed the name of Rua da Saude Road to ‘Avenida Jose Mourinho’.

Jose Mourinho, who was present at the ceremony and accompanied by his mother Maria Julia Santos, expressed his love for his hometown, saying that he has always been proud and will always say yes to everything.

“But I still want to come to Setubal and be who I am. I come to Setubal because I love Setubal. I have my mother and I feel closer to my father. I come to Setubal because my children have never lived here and love Setubal as much or more than I do,” added the Manchester United Manager.

Setubal Mayor Maria das Dores Meitra was also present at the ceremony and heaped so much praise for the manager, saying that he was a ‘global personality’.

According to Manchester United’s official website, Jose Mourinho in his native home is described as Á man of the world and Son of Setubal.

Jose Mourinho led Manchester United back into the Champions League, winning the Europa League to get there and scooping the EFL Cup and the Community Shield.

His squad has been in top form so far, still unbeaten in all competitions with Romelu Lukaku leading the line with goals.

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