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Highly protected personality takes over dead politician's ranch
By Grapevine | Updated Sep 21, 2017 at 08:56 EAT
He's even erected a fence to keep people out

A well-known personality has taken over a ranch formerly owned by a famous politician

He has gone on to erect an impenetrable fence to keep trespassers out

A prominent personality is said to have inherited a huge ranch near a game sanctuary.

The most puzzling thing is that he has no blood relationship with the original owner, a late politician and there appears to be no claimants.

The new owner has already moved in and installed an impenetrable fence to keep off unwanted visitors.

In a bid to ensure that there will be no ownership vacuum, the prominent personality with his heavily armed security in tow was seen at the property, accompanied by his two sons.

Now you know not to try to claim the ranch even if it may appear the current registered owner is unavailable.

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