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JIGIJIGI: Willy Paul ‘Msafi’ ripped apart on Facebook after latest post involving his jacket
By Robert Abong'o | Updated Sep 19, 2017 at 11:53 EAT
Willy Paul Msafi - Musician

Willy Paul posted a picture on Facebook, posing with fans who he says asked for his jacket

Willy Paul released his latest track 'Jigijigi', sparking sharp criticism from Kenyans on whether it is a secular or gospel track

Known for having viral posts from the beginning of his music career, Willy Paul ‘Msafi’ was at the receiving end after he posted a picture on Facebook.

On his Facebook page, he posted a picture of himself with fans, who he said asked for his jacket to pose for the photo.

Willy Paul has also faced criticism from ‘music pundits’ as you would like to call them after he released his latest track ‘JigiJigi’ which to many, appear secular in nature.

His post never went well with Kenyans – many bashing him for posting petty things on his account.

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