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Kenyans react after DP Ruto says Raila is plotting to disrupt elections
By Various Authors | Updated Sep 19, 2017 at 07:56 EAT
Deputy Presdient William Ruto

NASA flagbearer Raila Odinga says Saffran Morpho should not participate in repeat elections

Deputy President William Ruto has accused Raila of planning to disrupt elections

Ben Bamra: What Raila is pushing for is free and fair elections. And when that happens, Raila will win, and that is what Ruto and his friends are afraid of.

Sufkim Ndamathia: Let’s just recount the votes manually and see how many each candidate got. I believe Raila lost.

Zeb Amwoma: The Deputy President should address the core problems facing Kenyans at the moment. The court was clear that there were illegalities. Address those issues instead of attacking Raila. Out of the 40,883 polling stations, we are told only five sent results by the KIEMS kits.

Jericho Mercy: Jubilee cannot win a free and fair election, Ruto should stop lying to us. Raila won the August elections and would be President today if some people had not manipulated the results.

Jessie Wairia: The Government should consider offering guidance and counselling to police to avoid cases such as those of officers shooting colleagues or family members. These cases are many, meaning the officers need help.

Justin Nkaranga: President Uhuru Kenyatta has been hosting delegations from some communities at State House as he seeks support ahead of the repeat elections. He should try and host all communities, not unless some are more important than others.

Samuel Mwendwa: Away from politics, some of these leaders are great friends. Some are even business partners even though they belong to different political parties. Let us not fight because of them.

Mary Mwamburi: What every Kenyan works for is peace ahead of October 17 because without it, everything suffers, including our economy and education.

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